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Cool Tattoos
Cool tattoos are a great way to express yourself.

If you have arrived here looking for some cool tattoo ideas, you are in the right spot! We want to be your #1 tattoo resource on the net. For us, tattoos are a way of life, and we want to share our knowledge with you.

We have pages and pages of sweet tattoos from Japanese Kanji tattoos to evil tattoos. We have put together some how-to’s and what to expect for the tattoo virgin, and some solid advice for the professionals and even those looking to become a tattoo artist. Our goal is to help anyone who needs it when it comes to tattoos and body modifications. If you are looking for a great tattoo design, we hope to help give you some amazing ideas!

Tattoos can seem addicting as most people don’t stop at just one! Most people with ink have plans to get tatted again soon or unfortunately had a bad first tattoo that they are looking to have covered up by a cool tattoo at one point. A person looking to cover up a tattoo tried to express themself, but the picture did not match the expression he or she was going for, or the tattoo just didn’t turn out good. The fact is we love to express our inner feelings and deepest thoughts in ways other than words. Words sometimes can’t convey the emotions a person feels and sometimes the words just don’t exist in this world. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which means you can say a lot with a sweet tattoo design.

Cool Tattoo Designs

Sweet Tattoos
Check out our huge gallery of sweet tattoos to help give you some ideas.

In July of 2002 a study was done on searching for the word "tattoos" on the internet and it had reached its best rank ever, as the #2 most searched term on the internet. "Tattoos" was searched more often than even Britney Spears, marijuana or Napster, showing the world that getting and having ink is better than sex, drugs and rock n' roll! It seemed now like everyone now was getting inked and letting the world know their deepest emotions.

A tattoo is art no matter how you cut it and is beautiful for the wearer and for the artist. In the year 2000, the National Geographic stated that 40 million people (15%) in America had at least one tattoo. The history of tattoos goes back to before recorded time. We as humans have been tattooing our bodies for more than 5000 years in religious ceremonies and in rituals. No matter the reason it started, the meaning for a tattoo is still the same. The tattoo itself in history has always been a way to express religion, beliefs, wishes, things important to us or fantasies in one way or another.

A person may have an expression or a feeling they want to convey with ink on their body, but getting the right cool tattoo idea can sometimes be tricky. Check out our sweet tattoo design gallery for some ideas. You will see what other people have done, and can get some ideas what you think you will not just like, but love having on your body. We have a lot of cool tattoos here!

Getting a Sweet Tattoo

Cool Tattoo Designs
Let us show you how to make your next tattoo one you will really love.

For someone looking to get their first tattoo, the first question they want to know is if it hurts to get a tattoo and what they can expect. Everyone experiences pain differently, but almost everyone says the pain was worth it after the tattoo is done. Just be sure you take the time to choose a good tattoo artist. This can mean the difference between a good tattoo and a great tattoo, and also unfortunately the difference between a healthy tattoo and a tattoo that becomes infected. Once you found the perfect artist, you need to decide where on your body to put the new tattoo.

That only leaves knowing which cool tattoo design you want to use. The unfortunate truth is most people pick out their tattoos in a hurry while flipping through binders at the local tattoo shop. Besides our picture gallery, we recommend checking out Chopper Tattoo. This is the best site on the net to find the design that is perfect for you. They have award winning designs from artists all over the world. Every tattoo design is top quality – there are no fillers here. You can then print it out in a two part form that tattoo artists can use, and they can turn this sweet design you just picked into an actual tattoo on your body – perfectly replicated. There are tons of great tattoo designs at Chopper Tattoo, so we are sure you will find one that you will love.

Totally Sweet Tattoos

Tattoos are used for many things other than self expression and spiritual reasons. Some are used for medical reasons help identify the wearer’s blood type and sometimes to note a drug allergy that the wearer can’t voice in the event of an emergency. Medical tattoos can also be used to make sure that medical instruments are placed and located for repeated radiotherapy treatments as well.

Then there are those people that love the feeling that getting a tattoo gives them, and some will even take it to the extreme. That is why body branding has increased in popularity in recent years. Tattoos can be used for cosmetic reasons for the cover up of a bad scar or for the filling in around the areola in some breast reconstruction patients. Some women get cosmetic tattoos so they never have to apply eyeliner, blush, and eye shadow or lip liner. Whatever the reason that you set out to discover information about tattoos, we welcome you to our site we hope that our knowledge and advice can help make your next tattoo a totally sweet tattoo.

Enjoy our site, and thanks for stopping by. And good luck on your next tattoo! With the right research, we know you will love it.

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Tattoo Trivia:

The most painful areas to tattoo are those where the skin is very close to the bone, such as the ankles, elbows and knees.