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Biker Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Pictures

Biker Tattoo Designs

Bikers and tattoos seemingly go hand in hand. Biker Tattoo designs are some of the most common tattoos you will see today.

The first motorcycle gangs formed in the 1940s. These gangs enjoyed playing up their reputation as outlaws. These early biker gangs would call themselves one percenters, as a comment was made by the American Motorcycle Association that only 1% of motorcycle riders were outlaws. The Hells Angels was another gang started in the 1940s. Today, the Hells Angels has chapters all over the world. The Pagans were another biker gang that started in the late 1950s, and is still very popular today.

Biker tattoos were first used to show membership as part of a biker gang. Today, they are many different types of biker tattoos. You do not have to part of a motorcycle gang to own one. I biker tattoo can show you are just a motorcycle enthusiast and enjoy the biker lifestyle.

The Harley-Davidson logo is one of the most popular types of biker tattoos. Some other popular biker tattoo designs are American flags, pictures of motorcycles, roses, and pin-up girls.

If you are seriously considering getting a tattoo, we suggest you take a look at a site such as Chopper Tattoo. They have the largest selection of high quality, award winning tattoo designs that you can print out and bring to your local tattoo artist. Here is a small gallery of pictures of biker tattoo designs:

Biker Tattoos Biker Tattoos
Biker Tattoos Biker Tattoos
Biker Tattoos Biker Tattoos
Biker Tattoos Biker Tattoos
Biker Tattoos Biker Tattoos
Biker Tattoos Biker Tattoos

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Tattoo Trivia:

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