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Are Tattoos Addictive?

Are tattoos addictive
Some people wonder if they get a tattoo, will they end up like this guy?

Someone looking for the first tattoo may ask one of their tattooed friends what to worry about when getting a tattoo. A common answer from those with tattoos is jokingly, “Watch out. Tattoos can be addicting. It’s hard to stop with just one!” This has actually given rise to the pop culture myth that tattoos actually can be addictive.

As pop culture progresses, the topic of tattoos now has yet another flaw in its reputation that is not based on any real truth. Many people have multiple tattoos, and a lot have added to their collection over the years. Each individual has their own personal reasons for getting inked. Some people enjoy the art work and others want to get a tattoo out of admiration for a special person in their life, some even get tattooed as a way to feel like they are a part of group or club. The truth of the matter is there are many reason people get tattoos, and it is not because they are addicted to tattoos.

There are two basic reasons for this misunderstanding and both reasons play a part in giving tattoos and the peopled that get tatted a bad reputation. The first misconception is that people are addicted to the actual tattoo itself and the second is that people are addicted to the process of getting a tattoo. There is also a stereotype that people who are addicted to tattoos are addicted to pain. This is not usually the case at all.

Can tattoos become an addiction
Lucky Diamond Rich, the world's most tattooed person.

The word addiction and its false connection to tattoos is often thrown around by people who know what the word addiction means. Yet they still use it as a generic term for the want to add more art to your body. Addiction is in fact a compulsion and something which a person has no self-control over. Addiction also cannot tell the difference between need and want. In rare cases, people whom have addictive personality disorders or have several other addictions (such as to drugs and alcohol) or compulsive behaviors (OCD) can become addicted to tattoos. However, these people can really become addictive to almost anything they find enjoyable.

Most of the time, addiction is not the reason for a lot of the people get several tattoos. Most people get tattoos because they “want” to get them, not because they “need” to get them. This want could be for the art or the process of tattooing. The most common reason to get a tattoo is simply because someone likes a particular piece of artwork or they want to mark something special in their lives. The idea that people get tattooed because they are addicted to the pain and enjoy the process of being tattooed may come from people who have some personal issues themselves and is not usually limited to just one particular addiction.

Will I become addicted to tattoos
For most, tattoos are not addictive. We just like the way they make us look and feel.

Regrettably, both misconceptions give a bad name to the tattoos themselves and to the people who get them. Tattoos get a bad reputation for being addictive which they do not deserve. There is never usually any evidence to this fact. While there may be those who get a tattoo for less than desirable reasons, the majority of people who get ink do so with no reasons of need. Jail and gang tattoos take up the majority of “bad” tattoo category and are origins and meanings are usually self explanatory. The fact of the matter is that although tattoos are not addictive, they are more of a guilty pleasure of adorning our bodies with self expression and beautiful artwork. We as individuals enjoy expressing our beliefs and ideas as just those individuals and the tattoos that we wear can sometimes say what words cannot.

Saying tattoos are addictive just like drug an alcohol is completely absurd. For people who are an alcoholic or drug addict, they have a horrible problem that requires professional help to treat. For someone who gets a lot of tattoos, they are most likely getting inked because they love it, not because their body is telling them they must have it. Just like someone who buys too many clothes or shoes, it is something that they enjoy.

Tattoo Addiction
While some choose to get more than one tattoo, its not becuase they are "addicted". Its becuase they like how they look.

In order for someone to be considered addicted to tattoos, they would have to become physically dependant on getting new tattoos. The only real chance of this occurring is if someone is using the process of tattooing as a coping mechanism to dull out other pains in their life. This is a wrong reason for getting tattooed. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo to block out a bad situation in your life, please reconsider. In cases like this, the person may eventually be a candidate for tattoo removal.

However, if you are thinking about getting a tattoo because you like the art and think you’ll enjoy a custom marking on your body, but are worried your body will end up completely covered, go ahead and take the plunge. Your journey starts at Chopper Tattoo, where you can browse their amazing online gallery of tattoos from award winning artists all over the world. Once you find one you like, print it out and take it to your local, reputable tattoo artist and put it on your body. We are not saying that you won’t end up with more than one tattoo in the long run, but it won’t be because you are addicted to tattoos.

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