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Dagger Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Pictures

Dagger Tattoo Designs

Dagger tattoo designs are quite popular, and are usually part of a bigger design but can just be by themselves. Daggers have been around since before recorded history. The Aztecs used daggers in religious ceremonies. Throughout the early Middle East, daggers were also used in ceremonial rituals. Knights and noblemen would carry daggers as weapons in addition to their swords.

Daggers were also used as a tool to kill and skin animals, sharpen sticks, and even to eat with. The tradition of had shaking came about as a way to prove a person was not trying to conceal a dagger. The sword evolved as just a bigger dagger. AS you can see, the dagger had played a very important role throughout history, and its image on a tattoo can be very meaningful.

Daggers are a part of many military tattoos. A dagger can represent an assassin. A dagger dripping with blood stands for a willingness to take action and being bold and fearless. A dagger through the heart symbolizes betrayal in love, usually infidelity. A dagger though the head is very common for soldiers who are going to war. A head or skull with a dagger through its teeth means one is ready for action. A dagger that appears to be going through the skin means that a person was wounded, or expects to be hurt.

There are many different dagger tattoo designs to choose from, and can be added to a larger scene for more meaning. Daggers have played an important role throughout history, and continue to still play an important role. Getting a dagger tattoo design is a great way to express oneself.

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Dagger Tattoo Dagger Tattoo
Dagger Tattoo Dagger Tattoo
Dagger Tattoo Dagger Tattoo
Dagger Tattoo Dagger Tattoo
Dagger Tattoo Dagger Tattoo
Dagger Tattoo Dagger Tattoo

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