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Famous People and Celebrities with Tattoos, Page 2

Famous people from musicians, actors, actresses, and professional athletes have tattoos. Celebrity tattoos are very common today, and the number of celebrities with tattoos is every increasing.

Some of these celebrities have had great tattoo work done. If you are interested in getting a tattoo, we recommend checking out Chopper Tattoo. They have the best selection of tattoos available on the Internet, including many of the same designs these celebrities have, as well as plenty of other tattoo designs. You can then print them out and take them to your local, reputable tattoo artist.

Here are some famous celebrities that have tattoos:

Kelis Tattoo
Singer Kelis
Kelly Clarkson Tattoo
Singer and Imerican Idol Kelly Clarkson
Kevin Nash Tattoo
Wrestler Kevin Nash
Kid Rock Tattoo
Singer Kid Rock
Kim Kardashian Tattoo
Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian
Kobe Bryant Tattoo
NBA Player Kobe Bryant
Lebron James Tattoo
NBA Player LeBron James
Lindsay Lohan Tattoo
Actress Lindsay Lohan
Ludacris Tattoo
Rapper Ludacris
Megan Fox Tattoo
Actress Megan Fox
Michael Phelps Tattoo
Swimmer Michael Phelps
Mike Tyson Tattoo
Boxer Mike Tyson
Nicole Ritchie Tattoo
Reality TV Star Nicole Ritchie
Pamela Anderson Tattoo
Actress Pamela Anderson
Paris Hilton Tattoo
Reality TV Star Paris Hilton
Pink Tattoo
Singer Pink
Rihanna Tattoo
Singer Rihanna
Rob Zombie TattooSinger and Director Rob Zombie
Shia LaBeouf Tattoo
Actor Shia LaBeouf
Tila Tequila Tattoo
Reality TV Star Tila Tequila
Tommy Lee Tattoo
Musician Tommy Lee
Tori Spelling Tattoo
Actress Tori Spelling
Tyrese Gibson Tattoo
Singer Tyrese Gibson
Victoria Beckham Tattoo
Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham
Vin Diesel Tattoo
Actor Vin Disel
Xzibit Tattoo
Rapper Xzibit

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Tattoo Trivia:

Nearly an equal percentages of males (16%) and females (15%) have tattoos.

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