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Feminine Tattoos for Women and Girls

Tattoos for Girls

Female tattoos, or tattoos for girls and women, are more popular today than ever. When a woman breaks up with her boyfriend, tattoo artists start seeing dollar signs. When a woman finalizes a divorce, tattoo artists also are seeing green. This is because a woman breaking up with her man or getting divorced are two of the most popular reasons a girl will get a tattoo. Women will mark an event in their life with a tattoo especially when they feel that they have lost something or were wronged in some way. Tattooing seems to put something back or to mark a new beginning.

Tattoos for Women

Women usually get tatted when they have gone through some type of life change in most cases. These life changes can range anywhere from a death of someone close to a marriage to a new baby or even a new car or job. Women getting tattooed is a practice that is centuries old amongst almost all cultures. When it comes to being tattooed, the ratio of women to men can be as high as 60 % women to 40 % men today.

Some of the most popular tattoos for women are anything feminine or colorful. Tribal designs across the lower back, also known as the tramp stamp. Butterflies are the #1 choice for women getting tattoos, and fairies are also very popular design choices for women. Dolphins used to be the most popular tattoo for women around the year 2003, but have fallen in recent years. Every year, the demand for custom tattoo artwork or for a particular tattoo design changes for women, depending on what is the popular trend in tattoos. Tattoos have become much more popular and accepted in the last 10 years. It used to be a tattoo would be looked upon as trashy or slutty on a woman, but that stigma is long gone.

Here is a list of the top ten tattoo designs for females:

Female Tattoos
  1. Butterfly tattoos – A very beautiful creatures that is the epitome of change.
  2. Tribal tattoos – Very popular as a lower back, or tramp stamp, tattoo.
  3. Star tattoos – Stars are a universal symbol.
  4. Flower tattoos – Very feminine and beautiful, and a natural tattoo design for girls.
  5. Fairy tattoos – Fairies are cute little girls with magical powers. Need we say more?
  6. Heart tattoos – The symbol of love. A natural tattoo choice for females.
  7. Dragonfly tattoos – Another insect made the top ten choices of tattoos for females.
  8. Dolphin tattoos – Intelligent mammals just like us. Dolphins were the number tattoo choice for woman in 2003.
  9. Celtic tattoos – Very popular tattoo design for men and women.
  10. Zodiac tattoos – Zodiac symbols are very popular tattoo designs for girls.

Here is the list of the top ten tattoo locations for women:

Feminine Tattoos
  1. Lower back – Yes, the tramp stamp makes its appearance at number one. This is a very feminine and sexy spot to be inked for females.
  2. Inside wrist – This spot is popular because it is easy to cover up using a watch or bracelet if needed.
  3. Above the ankle – Used for small tattoos, this location can also be easily covered by wearing socks.
  4. Foot – The foot is becoming a favorite spot for girls to get tattooed.
  5. Neck – Can easily be covered by the hair.
  6. Back of the shoulder – The left side is considered the feminine side, but both are popular with women. Great place for being able to display your tattoo by wearing a tank top.
  7. Upper arm – One of the favorite places for men is also a favorite tattoo location amongst females.
  8. Pubic area – Right below the panty line, this is a very sexy, private, and intimate location.
  9. Hip – It’s a hip place for a tattoo. People will only see it when your in your bikini or your panties.
  10. Calves – A great place for a larger tattoo. Wear shorts, and the world can see. For when you don’t want your tattoo to be seen, just wear pants.
Tattoos for Girls

For girls and women looking to get a tattoo, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick out the perfect tattoo design and location. We recommend first figuring out the location you want to get the tattoo. Then use an online tattoo gallery such as Chopper Tattoo. They have the largest selection of amazing tattoo designs for women. You can find the tattoo you just love, and then just print it off and take it to a good tattoo artist for a tattoo you will cherish for a lifetime.

Many women are starting to get larger tattoos and custom tattoos on visible parts of their bodies, such as their neck, arms and legs and wrists. The ankle, chest and the lower back are very common places for tattoos done on women, as the shame towards women with visible tattoos seems to be all but vanished. Women are getting larger and more outstanding tattoos than even just a few years ago.

Women seem to be putting tattoos on their shoulders more now than they have in the past several years. When a woman decides she would like to get inked on her breasts or thighs or somewhere awkward, it is a part of the tattoo artist's job is help that woman select a tattoo design or location that works for her. A tattoo artist may recommend a location that will help to bring out a certain part or shape of the woman’s body.

Woman Tattoos

Women in general are more style conscious and body aware than men. Men are pickier about which tattoo they want than where on their bodies they want it. Men are more likely to pick out a tattoo or design then choose a spot and that is that. Tattooing for men is a different thing altogether, men look at tattooing as a badge, where women look to adorn themselves somewhat. Men are more likely to choose a tattoo design that has significant meaning in the design itself, where a woman is more likey to choose a tattoo because it look sexy or nice.

Many tattoo artists say women are much easier to tattoo than men when comes to getting the tattoo. Many men act like they are rough and tough and can take the pain. When the needle touches their skin sometimes they pass out right in the chair. It has been documented that women generally take pain better than men. When women get their first tattoos they anticipate the needle touching their skin and demonstrate a higher pain tolerance in general.

Feminine Female TattooIn some cultures only the women were tattooed for religious reasons and cultural reasons also. Women and tattoos have come a long way and now have reached mainstream life in many parts of the world. Many women are deciding to get tattoos that wouldn’t have thought of it several years ago, in fact women above forty have been deciding to celebrate their golden years in an all new way by getting inked.

Many people, not just women, have lately decided to get tattooed and or become tattoo artists. The tattoo community is growing rapidly and tattoos are a booming industry right now. More female tattoo artists are starting their own studios and taking advantage of the popularity and industry that tattoos have made. Women seem to have been and will be a large part of tattoos for a long time to come.

Tattoo Trivia:

Going as far back as any studies have been on the subject, it is claimed that the "Ice Man" who lived some 3300 years B.C., had some form of tattoos.