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Kanji Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Pictures

Kanji Tattoo Designs

If you are looking to make a statement with a tattoo, you might want to look into a kanji tattoo design. Kanji tattoos have become very popular in the last decade, and are a great way to make a bold statement. Kanji tattoos are one of the most popular forms of Japanese tattoo designs.

Kanji is the Japanese character style in which Chinese characters are used to symbolize Japanese words. The meanings in Chinese and Japanese can mean the same thing but pronounced differently, or they could have an entirely different meaning. There are two character styles of Kanji. The old character style, which is the original style of Kanji, and the new character style, which has developed after World War II are the two styles of Kanji.

Some choose to get a Kanji tattoo because they are of Japanese or Chinese descent, and want to diplay some of their culture. Non-Asians may choose to get a Kanji tattoo because they feel a connection with the Asian culture, or because they want to make a statement without displaying it in plain English. Kanji tattoo designs are popular for both men and women.

Some of the most popular phrases to get as a Kanji tattoo are love, luck, peace, faith, happiness, loyalty, serenity, strength, and determination. Some people choose to have their own names or the name of a loved one inked in the Kanji style.

Kanji is one of the oldest writing styles in Japan, and the characters make for some great Kanji tattoo designs. Before getting a Kanji tattoo, you must do your research as to what the symbol means. Like with any foreign language, the literal translations don’t always mean the same thing in English as the original language. Literal and popular phrases may require a combination of symbols, that if you do not research the meanings correctly, your Kanji tattoo will not mean what you think it should.

You should know exactly what you are getting inked when getting a Kanji tattoo. Do not rely on the tattoo artist’s interpretation. He or she may be skilled at inking a Kanji tattoo, but may not be a skilled interpreter of the language. You should seek out someone who speaks Japanese fluently for help. If you cannot find such a person, you might try a local university where Japanese language is taught and talk to one of the instructors. If at all possible, you should have someone that knows the language with you when getting a Kanji tattoo, because a missed stroke from the tattoo machine, and your tattoo could end up meaning something you don’t want it to.

If all else, there are translation services you can use for a fee. Be sure to find a service with a guarantee, as that guarantee can pay for removal or cover-up if they give you incorrect information.

Here are some Kanji symbols and their meanings:

Kanji characters and their meaning

Here are even more Kanji symbols and their English meanings.

Don’t let all this talk about getting the wrong Kanji symbol scare you though. With some proper research, you can have a very personal, meaningful Kanji tattoo that you will love forever. Kanji tattoos are one of the most symbolic and beautiful symbols you can put on your body.

If you are seriously considering getting a tattoo, we suggest you take a look at a site such as Chopper Tattoo. They have the largest selection of high quality, award winning tattoo designs that you can print out and bring to your local tattoo artist. Here is a small gallery of pictures of Kanji tattoo designs:

Kanji Tattoo
From top to bottom: love, life, learn, laugh
Kanji Tattoo
Strength and courage
Kanji Tattoo
The Kanji symbol for love
Kanji Symbol Love
Another Kanji tattoo meaning love
Kanji Tattoo
Kanji symbol for prosperity
Kanji eternity symbol
Kanji symbol for eternity
Kanji tattoo
Kanji meaning strong woman
Kanji tattoo
Kanji tattoo symbolizing righteousness
Kanji tattoo
This guy is a DJ, and has the Kanji symbol for sound inked on his arm
Kanji Tattoo
The Kanji symbol for faith
Kanji Tattoo
Kanji symbol for strength
Kanji tattoo
Kanji symbol literally meaning white ghost, symbolizing an angel
Kanji tattoo
Using Kanji for ones name is a popular choice for a tattoo. In this case, the name is Charles.
Kanji tattoo
Kanji symbol for death
Kanji tattoo
Kanji symbol meaning wild horse
Kanji tattoo
Kanji meaning heart of truth
Kanji tattoo
Kanji meaning a new life
Kanji tattoo
Kanji meaning "true victory is victory over one's self"
Kanji tattoo
Kanji meaning string or guitar
Kanji tattoo
Kanji symbol for war

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