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Problems Associated with Tattoos

Problems with Tattoos
Problems with tattoos can occur.

The majority of people who get a tattoo do not have any tattoo problems at all. Proper tattoo aftercare can help speed up the healing time and prevent tattoo infections. One of the main no-no’s in getting a tattoo is not to pick the scabs. Picking not only lets the germs in it can also take the ink out with the scab leaving an empty spot in the tattoo.

Tattoos are a series of punctures that deposit dye or ink to the several different levels of the skin. Right after getting tatted, the tattoo will be swollen, sore and there should be some scabbing on the surface of the tattoo. These things are all normal for a fresh tattoo. It is also very normal for the tattoo to seep small amounts of blood or fluid for 24 hours or so. The new tattoo can even ooze clear, yellow, or bloody fluid for up to several days.

Some problems associated with tattoos include:

The following symptoms require immediate medical care:

Tattoo Problems
An infected tattoo.

If you have any of these symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately. Call 911 or other emergency hotlines for immediate advice.

It is very important to think about all aspects of getting tattooed before you actually go and do it. A new tattoo should be considered permanent and lifelong not just a drunken adventure. Tattoo removal is a long, difficult, and expensive process that can leave scars that are sometimes worse than the tattoo itself. Tattoo removal is also very expensive and time consuming. Tattooing is typically completely safe, but like with anything, it is important to know all the things that could possibly go wrong.

Sometimes it is not possible to completely remove all of a tattoo to restore normal skin tone and texture. There can be a series of color specs and a lumpy site where the tattoo used to be and depending on how much you hated the tattoo can look worse than when you started with the original tattoo.

If you have not yet decided about getting a new tattoo, be informed and know the risks. Tattoos are a wonderful way to express your individuality and wear art but can be one of the worst mistakes that you make if you are not informed and do it on a whim. The majority of problems occur in people who have no intention of getting a tattoo when they wake up, and are out with friends and see a random tattoo shop and decide to walk in and get inked. The second most common reason for problems is the person was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the tattoo was done. I licensed tattoo artist should never ink anyone who is drunk or on drugs.

Licensed Tattoo Artist
With a properly licensed and reputable tattoo artist, you really minimize any chance of problems with your new tattoo.

When done by a reputable, properly licensed tattoo artist, there is a very, very small chance of having any problems. And the problems that do arise are usually minor. Just by reading this you have done your homework, and now know what to expect. Follow the proper tattoo aftercare instructions and chances are that you will be problem free.

So go on. Pick out an amazing tattoo design you’ll love over at Chopper Tattoo, print it out and bring it to a good, reputable tattoo artist in your area. You will have a great tattoo you will love to show off for the rest of your life!

Good luck with your new tattoo!

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