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Tattoo Cover Ups to Repalce an Existing Tattoo

Tattoo Cover Up
Using a cover up tattoo, this tattoo was completely replaced.

Sometimes after we get a tattoo, we are not happy with how it turned out. Perhaps the tattoo artist just did not do a good job, or the subject of the artwork does not hold meaning to us anymore. Whatever our reasons, there are times we want to just be rid of the tattoo or want to get it fixed. That is where a tattoo cover up comes into play.

Just about anything that you may have a tattoo of on your body can be re-made into a new tattoo. Assuming that the tattoo you wish to cover is not horribly scarred or solid black, tattoo cover up may be an option for you. You can cover up most tattoos even if scar tissue exists but it may look raised however. Some tribal designs are particularly hard to cover. Not all tattoo artists are at the same skill level for covering up other artist’s work. Research the tattoo artist well before you select one to do the cover up work. There are many widespread misunderstandings about cover up tattoos that make people keep old ugly tattoos that they hate when they do not have to live with them. There are two types of cover up tattoos. The first type of cover up is just re-inking an old tattoo with hopes to make it look new and fresh again and adding some to the art. The other type is to completely cover the tattoo that you originally had done with a completely new artwork or design.

Correcting or adding to an existing tattoo

When you have a tattoo that is no longer attractive or is a faded tattoo, even if it is a solid black like tribal work, you can adjust it to look as if it was new or just done. A good sharp but thin outline can give any old tattoo new life, and help sharpen up any blurring due to age or sun damage of the old outline into the skin. The faded black can become greenish in color and redone with black on top of it. Depending on how faded it looks, the color can be a good way to add new life to the existing faded tattoo. Colored ink can indeed cover black ink, despite the widespread myths that nothing but more black will cover it up. Sometimes you can add a color or two behind the existing tattoo giving the new tattoo a colorful background to make it stand out more also adds to the appeal of the new look.

Changing a tattoo to a new design

Tattoo Cover Up
Replacing a bird with a dog.

If you have a tattoo that for whatever reason you just do not like, you can get a cover up tattoo. This is usually a better alternative to tattoo removal, unless you are just not happy with the location of the tattoo. If you choose to have a tattoo covered up, as a lot of people unfortunately do, it can be done and done well if you follow a few simple rules.

The main guidelines to changing a tattoo from one piece of art to another one are:

Over at Chopper Tattoo, you can check out a huge tattoo design gallery. Find one that you like and will fit nicely over your existing tattoo, print it out and bring to your local tattoo artist. Choose a design that will blend into your existing tattoo. Your local artist can then ink the new tattoo over top the existing tattoo.

Covering up an old tattoo

These basic guidelines give the tattoo artist room to trick the eye of its viewers into gazing at a new focal area, and making their eye distract away from certain areas of the old tattoo that need to be covered up. If your original tattoo has a large amount of shading in a dark color a newer brighter focal area will be made to attract attention to the new area instead. This is why making the tattoo a little bit bigger is usually the most effective way to efficiently cover up the old one. Color can cover black in some situations and can help a lot when trying to give new dimensions to an old tattoo.

You do need to remember that the new or cover up tattoo may take more than one sitting in order to be finished and completely covered up. Most cover up tattoos need to be done in several layers in to fully blend and shade the ink of the new tattoo in the skin and over the ink of the old tattoo. It is also vital to make double sure that you choose a piece of art this time that you can stand for the rest of your life. It is extremely hard to do a second cover up tattoo. This is yet another reason that the new tattoo artist should be chosen very carefully.

Cover up Tattoo
With a cover up tattoo, your ex-wife can become an ape!

When choosing an artist to cover up an old tattoo you have to be sure that they have a large portfolio of cover up tattoos for you to look over. Sometimes it is not the tattoo itself but what the tattoo says or stands for. In this case you may choose to visit the artist that did the original tattoo. In most cases the place that you got the original is in a different area or have moved the studio. Using a new artist may be just what you need, it all depends on personal preference. Whatever you choose just make sure this time that you and the artist have a clear understanding of what you want.

Just be sure when getting your next tattoo you choose a tattoo design that you really want and has deep meaning to you. The award winning tattoos at Chopper Tattoos are a good place to find a tattoo you will cherish for a lifetime.

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