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Tattoo Terms, Lingo, and Slang

Knowing your tattoo lingo can really help when you are in a tattoo studio talking to an artist. He or she may use certain tattoo terms and slang that you don’t fully understand.

Tattoo Terms
The tattooing process can be called inking, carving, or pounding skin.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a big deal at the moment in time, but getting inked is a major decision a person may make on the fly. The ink is permanent and will last for your entire life unless removed or covered by a new one. If you do decide to have your tattoo removed, you may be left with a scar or tiny spots of left over ink in most cases. The most important thing you can do when getting a tattoo is that you should put as much thought as possible into is the art that you want. That is why we recommend getting your design from Chopper Tattoo, as they have the biggest and best selection of tattoo designs. You can print them out and take them to your local artist.

Placement of the new tattoo is also crucial. It is usually in your best interest to do a lot of research on the process of tattooing, and choosing the right tattoo artist and studio. As with most specific trades, there is a good amount of slang and jargon for terms specific to that trade that are widely used. If you do not read up on the tattoo slang, you may not fully understand when reading or talking about tattoos. If you do not have any idea what the artists are talking about you may end up confused or telling them the wrong thing to do. We have put together a word list of tattoo terms to help you understand the slang of this type of art.

Here is the list of tattoo terms and slang:

This list of tattoo terms should help when asking questions at a studio. There are several terms used in tattooing that have been derived from other words or simply made up. If you do not understand something in the process of the tattoo, do not be afraid to speak up. The artist wants you to be 100% happy with your new tattoo and you should be well informed when choosing your artwork. The communication between you and the artist can mean the difference between a good tattoo and a mistake. Whatever you choose for your new tattoo take good care of it and make good decisions about not only the art but the placement of the tattoo.

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Tattoo Trivia:

Butterfly tattoos are the most popular among women as well as one of the most searched for phrases on the internet in regard to tattoos.