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What Religions Say About Tattoos

What religions say about tattoos

The opinion of tattooing in all of the major bible based religions is that it is wrong to get tattooed. Jews, Catholics, Christians, Islams, and Muslims all have the same agreement that tattooing is wrong. Each religion has its own reason on why it is wrong. All of these religions have an interesting belief and point of view, and what each religion bases their belief on is interesting as well.

Christian’s view of tattooing is that people generally should not get tattoos for the simple reason that tattooing is a pagan practice. Tattooing being a pagan practice is a good enough reason for Christians to believe that it is wrong. However, there is absolutely nothing at all in the bible that states a person should not get a tattoo. Any confusion on this standpoint is explained in the belief that the New Testament of the bible has nothing in it about tattooing at all, and Christians base their beliefs mainly on the New Testament in the bible. Basically, the only reason Christians believe that tattooing is wrong is because it is part of the pagan practice.

Other Catholic religions base their beliefs more toward the Old Testament. Though Catholics believe the Old Testament is just as accurate and relevant as the New Testament they decided to support the Old Testament more. Generally, the negativity towards tattooing with the Catholic religion is supported by a passage in Leviticus. Leviticus 19:28 says “You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead, nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves…” The decision to get a tattoo in the Catholic religion is based on your own personal decision and interpretation of the bible. Modern day Catholics believe that tattooing is wrong but it is not a sin to get a tattoo. A Catholic person’s decision to get a tattoo is based on the way they interpret the bible and the stand point of the bible.

Religous views on tattoos

The Jewish opinion of tattooing is a little more narrow minded and straight forward compared to the other religions. In the Jewish religion, getting a tattoo should not be done for any reason what-so-ever. Their belief is that the books of the Old Testament are God’s words, and the commandments are to be followed with no exceptions. One of the commandments is against the desecration of the body and it is prohibited. Another reason Jews believe that it is wrong to get a tattoo is because they were tattooed for identification during the Holocaust. Tattooing was a way to identify a Jewish person from a German. This was degrading and embarrassing to those who were Jewish. Getting tattoos on your body in the Jewish faith is frowned upon so much that a person with tattoos may be denied burial is a Jewish cemetery.

Muslims believe that tattoos are a type of bodily modification and it is not allowed. Tattooing involves changing the creation of Allah and it is believed that the one who makes these kinds of bodily changes should be cursed. In the Muslim religion, tattoos and things of that type, including piercings are an “unnecessary intrusion, alteration and defacement of Allah’s creation”. Such alterations are considered to be inspired by Satan. Anything inspired by Satan is a temptation that every being must overcome or be cursed for eternity.

Religion and Tattoos

Islam’s believe that tattoos can permanently prevent someone from being at peace with god. Many Islams have the same beliefs and views as Muslims especially when it comes to tattooing. It is believed by the Islamic community that if you get a tattoo you are disrespecting god and therefore it is completely forbidden to make any sort of permanent change to your body.

Generally all religions agree that it is wrong to get tattooed. Although each of the religions has their own belief and reason as to why it is wrong, their opinions still stand the same. No matter what a person’s faith is and what their beliefs entail, there are two main factors a person should base their decision to get a tattoo on. One main factor involves the religious views on tattoos. The other factor involves the person’s own personal opinion and interpretation on the topic. Both factors are important despite how “religious” a person is. In deciding to get a tattoo or to not get a tattoo it is very important to look at both factors and then make an informed and serious decision.

Individuals that practice the Buddha and Hindu religion are the exceptions to the forbidden tattoo conspiracy when it comes to religion. In these two religions it is completely acceptable to get a permanent marking on your body in the form of a tattoo. These religions believe that tattoos give you a stronger spiritual connection with god. Sometimes in these religions they get together as a group and tattoo each other to bond with their god.

Religion says about tattoo

Tattooing is becoming more and more popular everyday and no matter what the religious views are people are still going to get tattooed. Most religions think that tattooing is unnecessary and unacceptable but not many of them think that it is a sin. Your religious status and your personal beliefs are the barrier between the decision of getting tattooed and not getting tattooed but either way you look at it someone is going to find it not acceptable some way somehow.

Even though most religions frown on getting a tattoo, most do not consider a tattoo as “bad”, and many people actually choose a religious tattoo design to show their support of their particular religion. Many Jews and Catholics are tattooed, and more are getting inked each day. If you are a very religious person, you will have to decide for yourself if getting a tattoo is right for you. If you do decide to get inked, there are many amazing tattoo designs at Chopper Tattoo for you to choose from and print out and bring to your local artist.

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