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What to Expect When You Get a Tattoo

What to Expect Getting a New Tattoo

So you are planning on getting a new tattoo. We have put together some information on what you can expect when getting a new tattoo. Every part of the tattoo process needs to be your decisions and choices. After all, this tattoo will be on your body for the rest of your life. Some input from a good friend can be very helpful with picking placement, picking colors and the sizing. A friend is always good to have around during this process if the tattoo is going to be somewhere that you can’t see, like your lower back or shoulder.

First you must pick the type of tattoo you would like, there are a few categories of tattoo designs to choose from such as tribal, portrait, a symbol, custom, and letters. We recommend picking from an online tattoo portfolio such as Chopper Tattoo and print out the design to take to your local tattoo shop. An online tattoo gallery has many more designs and it is easier to browse than flipping through a binder at a tattoo shop. Just about anything you want can be tatted. Most tattoo artists will try to talk you out of something that they think will look bad. The end decision will ultimately be yours.

What Happens When You Get a Tattoo

If you are looking for a standard tattoo from a portfolio from the studio, normally the tattoo can be done pretty quickly unless the shop is busy or shorthanded. If you are looking for custom art, it could take longer for the artist to draw it and perfect it to where you and the artist are happy with the results. Whatever tattoo that you get, do yourself a favor and make it special and meaningful!

You should always shop around for a reputable place to get a tattoo. After all, there are needles and your body involved here. A tattoo design that you like and is meaningful, a good tattoo artist and a safe, clean environment are the key to the perfect tattoo. If you are feeling any hesitation from the moment you walk in the door just look for somewhere else or talk to somebody that works there to get a feel for the place. You want to feel comfortable wherever you go for your tattoo.

When you have decided what tattoo to get, what studio to get the tattoo from, where on your body to get it and the size of tattoo to get, make an appointment at the studio with the artist of your choice. Make sure that you don’t have many plans after the tattoo is done especially if it is a large tattoo as you may feel drained or uncomfortable.

New Tattoo

The day of your tattoo you should not drink any alcohol or take anything that may thin your blood like pain medicines. These things can cause you to bleed more than usual and some ink may not take as well if you are bleeding excessively.

The tattoo process can be uncomfortable and scary. It is important to remain calm and relaxed during the tattooing process. First a stencil will be laid and you will be asked to look in the mirror to check for placement accuracy. A friend can help to give you recommendation and make sure it’s straight and the location looks good. Once you have got the placement right the tattoo process begins. The artist will set up the ink and tools that he or she needs.

The tattoo process does hurt and some people handle this part better than others. Your friend can be there if you need to hold a hand or somebody to talk to during. Never squirm or move quickly while the artist is tattooing, if you need a break just ask and they will accommodate your needs.

Expectations from a New Tattoo

The pain of a tattoo can be compared to a scraping feeling, less than a needle pain. If your tattoo is a large piece the artist will most likely let you have a break or even do the tattoo in multiple sessions so that neither of you have to be worn down by the process too much.

There you have it - the process of a new tattoo from start to finish. The most important part of the whole tattoo process is that you follow the tattoo aftercare instructions exactly. All of this can be wasted if the tattoo gets infected and scars funny or if the infection goes untreated it can get into the bloodstream and even cause death. Your tattoo artist will give you plenty of instructions how to prevent infection and how to protect the color. Remember to never pick the scabs and always stay moisturized.

Once your tattoo is healed, show off the great work you have had done to your friends! Enjoy your tattoo and happy tatts to you all!

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Tattoo Trivia:

In war times, Ancient Greeks would sometimes shave the heads of their slave and tattoo messages on them.