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Choosing a spot for a tattoo may be tricky. However, this topic really has a very simple answer because the answer to this question is wherever you want and wherever you think your new tattoo will look good! Technically you can’t get tattoos in your hair, on your teeth or nails every other area is able to be tattooed. Women and men get tattoos on different body parts because men and women get tattooed for different reasons. Men usually get tattoos to show off and women get inked for the sheer sake of adorning their bodies and often get them where they can't be seen very easily.

Whereever you decide yo get your tattoo, check out Chopper Tattoo's huge online tattoo gallery. Here, you can find just the right tattoo design for you. They have the largest selection of tattoos, many from award winning artists all over the world! Here are the popular choices where you can choose to put a tattoo on your body:

Where to put tattoos
Here is a tattoo of a head, on the head.

The head

Shaving your head is required for this and usually only men get tattooed on their head. The commonly tattooed areas of the head are the sides of the head and above the ears. Some people actually have their whole heads tattooed. If you ever need to hide your head tattoo, it’s as easy as growing your hair out. Be warned, as the tattooing process vibrates your skull!

Sides of the neck

For these tattoos you'll want to cut your hair pretty short or keep it up to make sure the tattoo is seen, which makes covering it up an option if you so choose. These tattoos are sometimes lover’s names or loved ones who have passed.

Help choose tattoo locationTramp stamp, or lwoer back tattoos, are very popular today.

Lower back

In the late 1990s, lower back tattoos became extremely popular amongst young women. A lower back tattoo is usually a body decoration, and not a symbolic tattoo. They are usually meant to emphasize sexual attractiveness. Often referred to as a “tramp stamp”, in many parts of the world a lower back tattoo is suggestive of promiscuity. It also is known as “arse antlers” or “slag tags”. This is also a easy place to hide if needed.

The face

Facial tattoos can fall into the cosmetic or reconstructive categories. Many women have their lips lined as well as their eyeliner permanently tattooed. In some reconstructive surgeries tattooing is part of the process of coloring in a lip of a reconstructed face for example.

Upper chest

The main area for getting tattoos for women and men alike. The chest area leaves a lot of area for tattoos. For women it has been stylish to get small tattoos on the breast for some time. For men it has been a large blank canvas as long as tattoos have been around.

Rib cage

The rib cage can be pretty painful due to all the ribs that have to be worked over top of. This area seems to be growing in popularity for both men and women.

Where on body to put a tattoo
An abdomen tattoo can be very sexy.

The abdomen

Many people choose not to get tattoos on the belly area due to skin stretching and for women the pregnancy factor. Some people have gotten some very nice tattoos when they were young that just don’t look as hot as they get older.


The thought can and may sound excruciating but people say it is really not all that horrible after all. The skin in these areas for both men and women is a bit stretchy and this can cause the tattoo to appear fuzzy.

Hips and thigh area

This area is most popular for women but not limited to. Women can get some pretty substantial work on this easy to work with fleshy area. Keep in mind that men have hairier legs than women and visibility may be an issue.


Ankle tattoos have been popular on women especially almost as long as tattoos have been done on women. Ankle tattoos are becoming more popular among men as of the last few years. The area is perfect for wrap around tattoos that go up the leg.

Where to put a tattoo
Feet tattoos can be easy to hide.


Foot tattoos are great for hiding if need be and are good for most wrap around tattoos such as vines and foliage. This is a spot that is very easy t cover. The top of the foot takes ink much better than the heels and soles of the foot. Though bottom of the foot tattoos have been done, it is not recommended because the ink does not take well and you will have trouble maintaining it.

Upper arms and shoulders

The upper arm area is one of the most common spots for a man to get inked. This is an area that can be shown off by wearing a sleeveless shirt and can in some cases be a pretty good canvas for good artwork, it is not too fleshy and not over any bones.


This area is another area that men usually get a tattoo, more women are starting to sport forearm tattoos than ever these days however. This is a really good place to get tattooed if you have picked out a long tattoo rather than a wide one.

Choose spot for a tattoo
Wrist tattoos


Wrist tattoos have become popular since the eighties and have encompassed a retro vibe and sometimes even alternative feeling. This is an area for small tattoos or for a continuation of a long arm tattoo. Wrist tattoos are not easily hidden all the time and can become unwanted later.


Hands are a little harder to do great work on because of the bones being so close to the top of the skin. Many hand tattoos consist of wedding band s and not very detailed work.

Choose where to put a tattoo
A shoulder blade tattoo.

Shoulder blades

The shoulder blade is a very popular area for ladies, as this area is easy to conceal and can also be shown off very easily in a tank top or bathing suit. Sun damage is a concern on this area of the body.

These are some of the most popular areas of the body to be tattooed but the possibilities are unlimited. Use your own imagination when picking your own personal tattoo. One thing to remember is that gravity and the sun and time can affect your tattoo in the long run. Choose your area very carefully for this is a permanent process. And remember, Chooper Tattoo has all the tattoo designs you will ever need!

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Tattoo Trivia:

As of 2006 36% of people from the age of 18 to 29 had at least one tattoo.